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- Anant Patel

Bapuji: My FatherA spiritual philosopher, Anant patel speaks on the ultimate truth of life, mind power, sankalp sakti, spiritual science, soul's mission, param tatva (supreme elements), divine power, param dham ( supreme abode), 22 astral worlds, begining ,middle & end of the Cosmos.

He clarifies the message of God(Shiva) and the meaning of our hindu sastra (scriptures). This knowledge has been given by his father Shri Dashrathbhai Patel, who is also an income tax counsellor.

An inspirational speaker and advocate (income tax counselor ) in ahmedbad has also authored several books such as discovery of new world and mystery of three worlds.

His mission is to change world by thought power, convert 5 elements into supr(param tatva)elements and become deity from human, he wants to wake up 330 million deities who in the course of eternal duration have become human being.

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