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Success with Spirituality
By Anant Patel Advocate An Extremely Inspirational & Life Changing Seminar.

Anant patel spiritual and motivational speaker.A life changing seminar by spiritual and motivational speaker, advocate Anant Patel, inspired by Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel. It will take you towards your inner journey. It’ll help you to know your inner strength and energy of your soul. Learn techniques to pursue your goals and follow your dreams. Change the way you think and make your life blissful.

I am a student of param satya, I have come to know that what is param satya and now I wish to teach the process to reach the param satya to the masses. Through this page I would like to convey my message of Param Satya – How to attain the life holy, blissful, happy and divine. You may have read the book of Gandhiji “ Satya na Prayogo” the same way the Ruzbeh Bharucha has written a book on my father Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel “The Aum Of All Things” now in hindi “Aum Namo Aum” gives an insight how to reach param satya, where is para brahm. What is the ultimate power? Our myths and mythological books explain the meaning of para Brahm but actually what is the literal meaning of para brahm? How the person can attain power from para brahm? You can get the answers by watching my seminars on youtube.

My seminars will take you to the success, following the path of spirituality. It is possible to reach highest place with spiritual way. I have understood and experienced how to use mind power & divine energy of god.

One of the Great Gregg Braden, an American author of New Age literature has explained in his videos that a person can be cured by putting emotions in the person soul and body that “ the person is already healed” For this he has illustrated a video of Beijing, China in which he has mentioned about a hospital that runs without medicine, yes you here right A MEDICINE LESS HOSPITAL, a cancer patient is cured in 3 minutes by just focusing and planting the seed of thoughts, creating vibrations that the person is disease less and is cured, and has no cancer, the person gets free from disease without any medicine.

Similarly we believe that we are the ultimate power, we are made from the same fabric of God. We are the original technology. We have forgotten our infinite power, if we understand our divine and infinite power and connect our emotions with para brahm (supreme energy), we can heal our self and heal the universe. The whole energy lies within our heart, mind and body, it is just we should know the technique how to communicate with universe.

Thought power is ultimate power of the universe as mentioned in our Indian scriptures “Brahma created this world by his thoughts” BE BLISSFUL AND MAKE OTHERS BLISSFUL

Food For Soul, Journey Beyond The Infinity

Life Changing Seminar - Part 1 Life Changing Seminar - Part 2 Life Changing Seminar - Part 3


Book: The Aum of All things & Aum Namo Aum , Author by : Ruzbeh N. Bharucha, Philosophy: Bapuji Dashrath Bhai Patel Every human being once in their lifetime would have asked themselves the question, ‘Why do I live? What is the purpose of my existence? Some time individual thinks about the physics as to how he / she was created. The general quest from each of us would be since how many ages we have been coming in the cycle of life and death and what would be the upcoming? What is the life after Death, lot of people and philosophy talks about life after death, but what the real facts are? Where the one could find GOD, are they in temples, mosque, church or in the gurus and saints, then why GOD don’t save his own temples, mosque or church, What is the reality? What HE is waiting For? THE AUM OF ALL THINGS, authored by Ruzbeh N Bharucha answers all your questions.

The Aum of All Things is a book of Oneness by Ruzbeh N.Bharucha. The Aum of all things is a sublime and enchanting journey of time spent by the author with the recluse hermit, Dashrathbhai Patel, lovingly called Bapuji and Sushma Tandon with respect called Maa. In this book the candid conversation of Ruzbeh with Bapuji about the creation, the first 108 seed souls, how our soul was created, what is the soul made up of, how did the creation start, life after death, how to change the infinite universe, how to convert 5 elements to supreme elements, how we lost our param tatva or supreme elements, moving beyond the karma, is a path of knowledge using mind and intellect for spiritual advancement.

The author takes reference from Indian shastras like Vedas and Upanishads to prove his point.

The book can be re-read as it helps you to attain eternal and internal peace and happiness.
Available in all book stores.
All are welcome to join us of journey of param satya.

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